whatever they say, Boone lives. (slave_monkey) wrote in art_into_chaos,
whatever they say, Boone lives.


Okay - I haven't updated in like...YEARS. And I'm truly sorry everybody.

Last post I mentioned something about wanting to delete this icon Lj. Most were opposed to the idea. But since a lot of things have changed and I'm needing to change a lot of things in my life - and start again anew.

So I've decided to move my icons to a new graphics journal.


I have yet to post any icons but there are already a lot that I have made this past month and I'm looking to making more this weekend. So hopefully new icons will be up there soon.

All of the communities information are on the sidebar of the main layout.

ten_lastnight is a PUBLIC community so it doesn't require you to join. But I would still appreciate if you guys joined it as well.

As for this community, please feel free to leave and unfriend it since it will no longer be used.

Old Hanson icons can be found at HitzDiary.com under the gallery section.

Thanks everyone for their support and understanding.

P.S. I'm in need of affilliates on there *hint hint nudge nudge*
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