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Sorry for not updating again! I am so so sorry. I'm thinking about shutting this place down cause I feel so bad that I hardly post. Well anyway...here are some icons I've made in the past month.

Garden State (Sam)
Ginger Snaps
Harry Potter (Harry/Draco mostly)


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#17 won first place at _tocinders be proud of me you pretties.

Sam from Garden State
18. 19.

Harry Potter & Draco Malfoy
20. 21. 22.

Sorry for the shittyness of the H.P. icons. H.P. is not kind at all to me.

Ginger Snaps/Katharine Isabelle

23. 24.


Textless Hanson icons are NOT bases. Please DO NOT alter them in any which way or form. As for the other ones - they are bases. Alter them if you want just credit me.
Comment I need to know where these are going if they are wanted at all.
Credit please. I have seen a lot of my work going uncredited everywhere since I contributed them to HitzDiary.com

Question: How do you feel about me deleting this art journal and just posting my icons in appropriate places?

+ for all the hanson fans. Please go visit HitzDiary.com. The galleries are nearly complete with over 7,200 pictures.
+ JOIN eventual_icons. Its my best friend's,play_by's icon journal and she is wicked good. She can actually do animation XD. It needs more members to encourage her in posting. I suck and she's waaay waaay waaay better than me at this icon deal. and she actually posts :P
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