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More icons....yesh All Hanson. I've had "designers block" as Jenn calls it. I know there were requests for Harry potter ones. Maybe tommorow.

Oh and theres roses..and a door.

Most of these are me playing around so some look a tad bit like crap.


1.  2.


1.  I saw something like that on Potc_icons and thought I'd try my hand on it. Don't think it worked all that much.


The following will look very similar. These ended out by accident.

3.  4.  

5.  This is the wordless one: 6.

I've found myself sucking with text lately.There are days when they are perfect and days when they muck up the icon.

I found this manuscript on google that I absolutely fell in love with....these are the results.

7. 8.  <--I like the poloroid on taylor's the best.

 9.  10.  Man did they look hot in those photos.



I was bored 2 night ago and took pics of things. Namely, my mom's fake flowers and our door and the scary old phone in my kitchen. Must say I'm a terrible photographer.

roses: these turned out like crap.

12.  13.  14.

Comment+Credit folks. Not that hard. Its like the lyrics to mmmbop. It really isn't that hard yet people still forget it.



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