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I'll have Harry Potter and Troy icons soon I promise! I was going to but went somewhere. Sowwies. These are all hanson-y and ginger snappy. Also...Raine Maida-ish. *gasp* ANd Isaac is included in the sets this time!  

1.  2.  3.

4.  5.  6.

7.  8.  9.

10.  11.  12.

13.  14.  15.

Notes on Hanson set.

All icons made several days ago and I was kinda blanking out again.

#10 I was kind of in a  weird graphic mood cause I redid my personal lj's layout and it turned out nicely. Come see if you'd like.

The poloroid ones...well...I was trying to get a scrapbook like effect cause those are EVERYWHERE these days and I wanted to try my hand at it. Not sure if they turned out well or not.

Aaah...#1. Hope no one is offended by it. "Shouldn't our deaths be more than cheap entertainment" is a line from Ginger Snaps 1. I don't know why I put it in a Hanson one. I don't want them to die. Don't worry about that. #2 was going to say: "everyday I crucify myself" but again...I was blanking out.

Ginger Snaps:

16.  17.

Raine Maida (lead singer of "Our lady Peace") cause he's pretty.



Must say-this is not my favourite set. Lol. I don't really like it. All my creativity (like I had any to begin with) was eaten by my layout.



Also...whose interested in some tutorials from me as to how I make my icons?

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