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VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ [22 Jan 2005|07:10pm]

Okay - I haven't updated in like...YEARS. And I'm truly sorry everybody.

Last post I mentioned something about wanting to delete this icon Lj. Most were opposed to the idea. But since a lot of things have changed and I'm needing to change a lot of things in my life - and start again anew.

So I've decided to move my icons to a new graphics journal.


I have yet to post any icons but there are already a lot that I have made this past month and I'm looking to making more this weekend. So hopefully new icons will be up there soon.

All of the communities information are on the sidebar of the main layout.

ten_lastnight is a PUBLIC community so it doesn't require you to join. But I would still appreciate if you guys joined it as well.

As for this community, please feel free to leave and unfriend it since it will no longer be used.

Old Hanson icons can be found at HitzDiary.com under the gallery section.

Thanks everyone for their support and understanding.

P.S. I'm in need of affilliates on there *hint hint nudge nudge*
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[12 Dec 2004|07:41pm]

[ mood | moody ]

Sorry for not updating again! I am so so sorry. I'm thinking about shutting this place down cause I feel so bad that I hardly post. Well anyway...here are some icons I've made in the past month.

Garden State (Sam)
Ginger Snaps
Harry Potter (Harry/Draco mostly)

I'm so sorry - text is being a major bitchCollapse )

Question: How do you feel about me deleting this art journal and just posting my icons in appropriate places?

+ for all the hanson fans. Please go visit HitzDiary.com. The galleries are nearly complete with over 7,200 pictures.
+ JOIN eventual_icons. Its my best friend's,play_by's icon journal and she is wicked good. She can actually do animation XD. It needs more members to encourage her in posting. I suck and she's waaay waaay waaay better than me at this icon deal. and she actually posts :P

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[09 Nov 2004|02:20pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Another update done at school.

Sparrington (Norrington & Sparrow)
Friday Night Lights (Don Billingsley)

I need a fanfic nowCollapse )

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[31 Oct 2004|09:08pm]

Sorry that I didn't post at all this month...things have been again hectic...and I've just kind of lost muse.

Happy Halloween everybody.

Heres 8 icons I whipped up today. I'm trying to get my muse back. My current challenge is a small icon post every day...hows that sound? So I don't lose my muse and only have little icon post eh?


3 Ginger Snaps
5 Hanson



I should be finishing my homeworkCollapse )
Sorry guys that I'm such a lazy idiot.

I will make another post tommorow with more icons. Few icons everyday sounds better than no icons every month eh?

Usual rules apply.
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[01 Oct 2004|11:09pm]

[ mood | amused ]


God I haven't posted in so long.

I know I promised there would be less Hanson icons. But Hanson makes me happy. So I have some Hanson, Garden State and Zach Braff icons for y'all.

ALSO: OPEN FOR REQUESTS I'm trying to get back on my feet in terms of making icons and other graphics so request anything you'd like.

Also if you have not noticed, this community has now been made public. COMMENT even when you aren't taking. Theres 200+ members but only about 50 people actually comment on a regular basis. I need to know where these icons are going and whether they are appreciated.

My other Hanson icons can now be seen at hitzdiary.com. Same rules apply. Also please check out the new Hitzdiary galleries. They took a long time to set up, they are not yet completely finished. 1997-2002 are completely finished however. Any donations for the 2003-2004 images will be greatly appreciated. Please email me at state_of_reflection@hotmail.com or IM me "Luffy Hanson"

not going to bother with previewsCollapse )

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[10 Sep 2004|10:39pm]

art_into_chaos slight hiatus.

I just realized my last update was on August 17 . That was what...3 weeks ago?

Well as some of you might know I'm back to school so I'm not online so much more. And current events have blocked me from being a little bit creative and spawning more icons. And right now I'm focussing on helping the webmistress of Hitzdiary.com with the gallery.

Really sorry for the lack of updates but no not very many people are interested in the icons anyway when I do post them.

So yeah...sorry but there should be some in a bit though.

I've had to delete all/most of my files and my brush pallet on photoshop resetted for some reason. So if anyone could DIRECTLY link me to entries with GOOD brushes other than the ones already posted on my resource page. I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks for being understanding.


P.S. when I get back..I promise..few Hanson icons. So all you who are SICK of hanson and want other fandoms..the next post should cover:

+Garden State
+Harry Potter
Possibly Troy if I find nice images.

Check this place out y'all:
non ugly
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[17 Aug 2004|09:52pm]

[ mood | gloomy ]

Just one quick Zachary Walker Hanson blend


Pictures courtesy of dyingtobealive.comCollapse )

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[17 Aug 2004|03:21pm]


Long time no update eh? I haven't been feeling up to making icons but heres some anyways.




[3] Ginger Snaps

[2]Final Fantasy x

[1] Ben Jelen


28.  6.  25.  

have y'all seen the new hanson music video? If not. Go see it. It rocks!Collapse )</strong>

I'm open for requests right now.

Also, this community has now been made public.


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[03 Aug 2004|11:15pm]

[ mood | tired ]

21 icons:

[7]-The village


[1]-Harry Potter

[1] daniel Radcliffe

[1] Tom Felton

[1] Random


1.  2.  3.  

everyone calls it a fake lj cut. I don't understandCollapse )

I was going to make more but meh. I didn't have time. I'll make some tommorow.

I apologise for the blandness of these ikons. I wasn't really inspired and I couldn't get creative.

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[27 Jul 2004|11:00pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

[3]Ashlee Simpson

[4]Kate Bosworth/Blue Crush

[3] Harry Potter

[1]Ginger snaps: Header, icon and F.O. Banner (matching pictures)


[2]Hanson wallpapers

[2]Sort of fem-slash (Keira Knightley and unknown actress)

Probably the most diverse icon setCollapse )

Anybody want to spend 10 bucks and buy me the Hanson Accoustic Tour DvD?

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+++RESOURCES+++ [23 Jul 2003|11:44am]

This post lists all the resources that I use to make icons including:

+Screencaps (provided by myself and other resources)
+Stock and Promotional Images
+other links that might prove helpful when making graphics.

+This list is constantly being updated as I find more resources.
+Please do not hotlink (direct-link) to any of the galleries.
+Any extra resources I have not listed that you think will be helpful please comment here.
+If you find any broken links please report them to immediately so they might be fixed.

resourcesCollapse ) LAST UPDATED: 08/09/04
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[22 Jul 2004|10:55pm]


3 quick icons inspired by pamelajoy's last set</span>

hanson, art_into_chaos and hansondorkicons

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[20 Jul 2004|10:16pm]



57 almost all plain icons! up for grabs!


[4]Ginger Snaps

[3]Ryan Gosling

[18]Harry Potter.

I lost my wife on the roadCollapse )

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[16 Jul 2004|09:43pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

More icons....yesh All Hanson. I've had "designers block" as Jenn calls it. I know there were requests for Harry potter ones. Maybe tommorow.

Oh and theres roses..and a door.

Most of these are me playing around so some look a tad bit like crap.


1.  2.


I feel stupid tonightCollapse )

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[13 Jul 2004|09:44pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I'll have Harry Potter and Troy icons soon I promise! I was going to but went somewhere. Sowwies. These are all hanson-y and ginger snappy. Also...Raine Maida-ish. *gasp* ANd Isaac is included in the sets this time!  

I was blanking out today on where to put text. I have my days when its real easy and days when its hard like hellCollapse )

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Days when you hate having heart complications [08 Jul 2004|11:15pm]

[ mood | sore ]

 Just 7 more icons hehe..these are a lot like the last set I hope you guys enjoyed


[2]Ginger Snaps

I'm tired and about to get yelled at. Ow...my heartCollapse )

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[08 Jul 2004|12:09am]

[ mood | awake ]

More icons


[4] Ginger Snaps

[3] Kate bosworth/Win a date with tad hamilton

[1]Jack Davenport

[2]Sparrington (SLASH)

no teasers! but I'm incredibly proud of this setCollapse )

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Serious post folks [02 Jul 2004|09:56pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

3 things have to be posted.

First thing: CREDITING

In the userinfo of my little community I asked that if you take and use an icon that is created by me, you give a little something called CREDIT. This can be done by writing either art_into_chaos or slave_monkey somewhere on the keywords. Let me explain why this is such a big deal with icon makers who share their stuff. We spend our time to make these nifty little graphics and sometimes we don't use them ourselves. rather we make them for other people. When we ask to be given a wee bit of credit for something that we spent our times on. Please give it. When you don't give credit, you're basically claiming the icon to be yours. Now it is yours-for the time being. But it was created by someone else.

Another thing, what if someone who hasn't seen the icon before sees you with it and loves the icon to bits and wants to take the icon. You're faced with either one or two of problems. That person is an honest person and will ask who made the icon. When you can't remember cause you never jotted it down or whatever, that person will not be able to take your icon. Or they will just take the icon without the original icon maker knowing.

Please, put yourself in my position. I spend ages-sometimes an entire hour or 2 on one icon. Its not asking much to have my username somewhere on it. Even a "whatever you wanna call the icon//by Reina" would be nice.

I'm sorry that I'm going to have to pick on you. But it has to be done.

bridgesofstone for the "day you said goodbye..." icon of Taylor Hanson

almostfamous22 for the flashing icon of the boys. I know that you may have done the work on compressing it after I failed to do so but I originally made that icon. I would appreciate it if a bit of credit was given

candycrums for the premarital sex icon of Taylor Hanson

comfy for Zac Hanson's crazy beautiful icon.


IT CLEARLY STATES IN THE USERINFO THAT I WILL GIVE YOU ONE CHANCE. JUST ONE CHANCE IF YOU HAVE NOT CREDITED. This time, I'm letting it go. I just want to bring it up. But I'm letting it go. Those 4, you'll still have your 1 chance.


This may not be everybody (I'm seriously hoping it is. I didn't check everybody. It was more like a spot check, I just picked random people. Unfortunately I did find some.

Thanks for your time.

Second item on the agenda: The icons!

Theres a variety here:

+Ryan Gosling that was initially made cause of my best friend cooelf who has given up orlando for Ryan.

+Ginger Snaps

+Draco Malfoy


+Three Days Grace

+Jack Davenport

third item in the agenda is also below hereCollapse )

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[30 Jun 2004|09:45pm]

[ mood | pessimistic ]

I couldn't help it!

More Taylor Hanson icons!

+1 Draco icon that turned out weird.

OOh and these ones are more legible ;)

Theres one of ezra and tay at the bbq. Its so cuteCollapse )

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[30 Jun 2004|01:58pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

ART INTO CHAOS HAS REACHED 100 MEMBERS! :D. When I started it I didn't know so many people would join. >.< Thank you so much to all those who have joined and hopefully you'll keep enjoying the stuff that I mess around with on photoshop.

Mostly Hanson but 2 Daniel Radcliffe's.

+a Hanson pimp banner


1.  2.  

Reina has a little obsession with mixing green and brownCollapse )

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